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The Town of Highland, Indiana, located 45 minutes southeast of Chicago, will soon be home to a state-of-the-art concrete skatepark courtesy of Los Angeles-based skatepark builder Spohn Ranch.

Shaped by input from local skateboarders, the skatepark design provides 7,000 square feet of modern concrete terrain including a below-grade mini-ramp, stair sets of varying difficulty level and a variety of grind rails and ledges. With Spohn Ranch also acting as skatepark designer, there’s no doubt this skatepark will draw riders from up to several hours away.

The skatepark will be located in the northwest corner of Sheppard Park, upgrading the former site of aging and under-utilized tennis courts.

Skatepark construction begins in early June and is expected to last approximately 10 weeks. Stay tuned for updates on the skatepark build, as well as grand opening information.

Please view the skatepark in full use here.

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