Gardena, CA – Ribbon is Cut, park Ready to Skate!

ribbon, originally uploaded by spohnranchskateparks.

With the ribbon placed, balloons blown, and city officials ready at the mic, the latest design/build project by Spohn Ranch Skateparks was ready for it’s grand opening. Skateboarders flocked to the new Johnson Skatepark in Gardena, California; eager for it’s official opening. After a few short words and thanks to all those who helped make the skatepark a possibility, the ribbon was cut. As the two halves of the ribbon fell, a whirlwind of anxious skateboarders were released. Kickflips flew over gaps, and crooked grinds were thrown down the park’s new handrail. Skaters couldn’t be more excited to have such a well designed park in their new home town.

The next day we visited the skatepark for a quick skate session. Even in the early gloomy weather, town locals were at the park bright and early tearing it up. New tricks were being done, and new lines were being discovered in the park. The local skate scene was still just as excited about the park as the day prior during its grand opening.

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