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Wakefield’s Concrete Addition Coming Along

Construction of the 6,000 square foot addition to Wakefield Park Skatepark in Annandale, Virginia is coming along nicely as the Spohn Ranch crew has finished pouring all of the elements. Our crew will now move onto forming and rebar for the concrete flatwork that will connect all of the elements. The integral colored concrete is looking great and skaters are already peeking over the fence with anticipation for the official opening.

Originally constructed in the mid 2000’s, Wakefield Skatepark is an important facility in the Northern VA and Washington DC skateboarding scene. The existing skatepark was built with lumber and has seen considerable wear and tear over the years. This year we were approached by Fairfax County Park Authority to design/build the concrete, plaza-style addition that the local skaters had been asking about for some time.

As our crew wraps up here, they will be moving onto our second design/build skatepark project for Fairfax County in the Town of Reston, Virginia.

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