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Riverside, California – Temescal Valley Skate Spot

Construction of the skate spot that is part of the new Temescal Valley Sports Complex is coming along swiftly, with only flatwork remaining as January comes to a close. A welcome addition to Riverside County, California’s diverse collection of skateparks, this 4,000 square foot skate spot takes an artistic twist on some skatepark staples like a fun box, quarter-pipe and grind box.

Prior to Spohn Ranch’s involvement, a playground manufacturer had steered the skatepark design towards an outdated and uninspired metal ramp layout. Working with a passionate County employee who had a background in skateboarding and appreciated modern skatepark design, we transformed the vision for the skateboarding space. While the skate spot is not intended to be a destination facility, it is set to become a valuable space for the immediate nieghorhood’s skateboarding population.

Stay tuned for construction updates and information on the Sports Complex’ official grand opening!

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