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Orizaba Park Skate Spot – Official Grand Opening!

Our latest skatepark design/build project for the City of Long Beach, California is officially open as of this past Saturday’s ribbon cutting ceremony. Although the skateboarding area at Orizaba Park is quite small at only 3,600 square feet (45’ x 80’) it was definitely the highlight of the park’s revitalization. During the grand opening, it was also the most popular space in the park – a clear sign that investing in skateparks and skate spots is a valuable use of public funding. While a handful of kids messed around on the new basketball court, over 50 kids swarmed the skate spot with amazing passion and determination.

Our fifth skatepark for the City of Long Beach, this 3,500 square foot park will be a welcome addition to Long Beach’s diverse and growing skatepark master plan. With a small site and budget, this unique space will provide the local community’s up-and-coming skaters with a great space to progress before moving on to the City’s larger and more complex parks.

We wish they wouldn’t have fenced it, but super fun nonetheless. Big shout out to all of the behind-the-scenes players who helped make this happen!

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