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Rockaway Beach Skatepark Opens to Delight of NYC Skateboarders

The Rockaway Beach Skatepark, Spohn Ranch’s latest collaboration with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, is officially open. City officials canceled plans for a grand opening celebration due to COVID-19, opting instead for a low-key announcement that skateboarders could begin freely accessing the skatepark.

Rockaway Beach Skatepark Built by Spohn Ranch

NYC Finest Skatepark Rockaway Beach built by Spohn Ranch

Clocking in at 16,000 square feet, the Rockaway Beach Skatepark is now one of NYC’s larger skateparks and with a beautiful ocean backdrop, it’s no wonder many are calling it NYC’s version of the Venice Beach Skatepark. A lengthy snake run section and variety of street elements such as rails, steps and curbs ensure the skatepark appeals to all skill levels and riding styles.

Spohn Ranch acted as a specialty skatepark contractor for this project with our expert craftsmen executing grading, drainage, shotcrete, concrete and steel fabrication.

We sent our friend and professional photographer Mike Heikkila with new Thrasher Coverboy DGK’s John Shanahan and Jake Baldini for a quick stroll in the skatepark.

John Shanahan 5.0 Hubba at the Rockaway Beach Skatepark

John Shanahan and Jake Baldini Doubles in Rockaway Beach Skatepark

Photographer Mike Heikkila backside 50 Rockaway Skatepark by Spohn Ranch

John Shanahan huge Japan Air Rockaway Beach Skatepark

Rockaway Beach Skatepark

Stay tuned for updates on other NYC projects opening in the near future, including the Van Cortlandt Park Skatepark

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