Sacramento, Ca gets two neighborhood skate spots!

The City of Sacramento has made a strategic initiative to supplement their large 20,000+ square foot skateparks with a network of neighborhood skate spots.

With an area of 100 square miles and a population of 500,000, not all skateboarders have easy and frequent access to the City’s big facilities. So when new park and park revitalization projects come online, the City is often allocating space for skateboarders in the surrounding neighborhood.

We were honored to design and build two neighborhood skate spots for the City this past fall.

The first was a 7,000 square foot skatepark at McClatchy Park (also known as Oak Park). The skatepark was one component of a park renovation that transformed a dangerous place once dominated by drug dealers into a family friendly destination. Prior to breaking ground, we collaborated with landscape architect Callandar Associates to host a series of design workshops with local skateboarders – seeking feedback on the style of terrain they hoped to ride. The end result is a modern architectural layout with flowing lines and a healthy balance of street and transition-style features.

The second project was a skate spot at Artivio Guerrero Park. The space is small, only about 3,000 square feet, but offers a handful of beginner-level elements in an efficient circular layout.

We’re looking forward to more projects in our State’s capitol!



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