Serenity Park Skatepark – Lake Elsinore California

Lake Elsinore’s claim as “Action Sports Capital of the World” has been officially cemented with the completion of the concrete skatepark at Serenity Park. Our design/build project officially opened in mid-July featuring a modified peanut bowl and a flowing street course. The craftsmanship and well-balanced design has rave reviews flooding into the office.

Acting as general contractor and prime skatepark builder, we executed every facet of construction – from fencing to drought-conscious landscaping and irrigation. We also added some aesthetic flair by powder coating the grind rails with Lake Elsinore’s signature blue color and integrating the City’s logo into a central bank extension.

Up next – transforming McVicker Park into a concrete skate plaza!

Action shots by our friend Andrew Durso and the Roll Dawgs crew

Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-Front-Crook Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-5 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-4 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-3 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-2 Lake-Elsinoire-Skatepark-Kyle-Branek-Hurricane Lake-Elsinoire-Kyle-Blanchette-Melon-Fakie Lake-Elsinoire-Kyle-Blanchette-FS-Feeble

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