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Skatepark Construction is a wrap in Eagle River, Alaska

When it comes to skateparks, the State of Alaska could be considered “behind the times”. With only a handful of skateparks across the entire State, most of which are sparse collections of wood or metal ramps, skateboarders are faced with limited options for progressing their skills.

Will Ingram, owner of Anchorage-based skate shop Zak’s Boardroom, summarized the state of skateboarding in Alaska in a recent Alaska Dispatch News article – “the sport is growing in both popularity and acceptance throughout Alaska, but the proliferation of public places where kids and adults can ride hasn’t kept up with demand.”

Thanks to a few forward-thinking leaders from the Chugiak Community Council and the Eagle River-Chugiak Parks and Recreation Board, the times are changing. The first test of the value of investing in high-quality concrete skateparks is our project in Eagle River, just north of Anchorage.

Spohn Ranch was selected as the skatepark designer and builder for the project earlier this year and as of a few weeks ago, our build crew has substantially completed construction. Although the skatepark is modest in size, roughly 6,000 square feet, it packs a good blend of street and transition-style elements including hips, ledges, cobblestone gaps, stairs and a mini-ramp. And more importantly, it’s hopefully the start of more legitimate concrete skateparks in Alaska.




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