Spohn Ranch Breaks Ground on Shoreview, MN Skatepark

Spohn Ranch and the City of Shoreview have teamed up to replace the wood ramps at Shoreview Commons Park with a new concrete skatepark.

In collaboration with LHB Landscape Architecture, we designed a modern 7,500 square foot skatepark that flows with the natural topography of the space and features a nice blend of street and transition-style terrain. The west end of the site mimics the architecture of an urban plaza with stairs, handrails and benches before feeding into a flowy transition section to the east.

Minnesota’s Tier 1 insurance guidelines prevented us from going bigger than 4’, but with waterfalls, hips and a volcano that wraps around an internal landscaped area, the transition section will still be plenty of fun. The skatepark also includes Spohn Ranch’s signature colored concrete accents for a modern aesthetic flavor.

Skatepark construction is just one component of a larger improvement project at Shoreview Commons Park, directly adjacent to City Hall. Our construction team is on the ground as we speak, so stay tuned as the new Shoreview Skatepark comes to life!

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