Spohn Ranch Builds Skatepark in Toms River, New Jersey

Just north of Spohn Ranch’s celebrated skatepark design-build in Ocean City, New Jersey, the Township of Toms River can now lay claim to a concrete masterpiece brought to life by Spohn Ranch’s specialized skatepark builders. Skatepark construction took place over the course of the summer, with Spohn Ranch’s scope of work including steel fabrication, earthwork, concrete and shotcrete. Since completing construction, skateboarders and wheel sports athletes from across New Jersey have been flocking to the skatepark and praising Spohn Ranch’s craftsmanship.

The Toms River skatepark features a unique bowl with a waterfall, curved extension and beginner-friendly mini-ramp section. It also includes a variety of street elements including a yellow-painted slappy curb, multiple ledge variations and a modern take on a skatepark pyramid.

Stay tuned for more New Jersey skateparks in 2022!

Toms River Skatepark Address
1545 N Bay Ave,
Toms River, NJ 08753

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