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Spohn Ranch Expands Stillwater, OK Skatepark

On March 30th, Spohn Ranch and the City of Stillwater, Oklahoma officially opened the new and improved Strickland Park Skatepark.

The City installed a collection of steel/Skatelite ramps approximately 15 years prior, but thanks to the advocacy of local skateboarders and a Community Development Block Grant, we were able to expand the skatepark with 5,000 square feet of new concrete terrain.

The skatepark design features Spohn Ranch’s signature blend of street and transition, as well as a super fun pump track that wraps around the south end of the skatepark.

In addition to designing the skatepark, our construction scope included demolition, drainage, earthwork, concrete, shotcrete and steel fabrication.

Thank you to the City of Stillwater for a successful collaboration. We look forward to returning to Oklahoma soon!

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