Over the past decade, Central Utah’s Lehi City has experienced unprecedented growth, fueled by an influx of tech companies. City officials have been smart to not solely prioritize economic development however. An effort to provide more family-friendly recreational facilities revealed Lehi was missing an important modern amenity – a skatepark.

With both land and funds available, a professional skatepark designer and builder was the City’s missing puzzle piece. Previous projects in Provo and South Jordan earned Spohn Ranch a strong reputation and helped make us the clear choice for the project.

spohnranchlehiskatepark2At the onset of the project, we evaluated four potential locations – analyzing sites based on a number of factors including visibility, accessibility and environmental impact. Pointe Meadow Park checked the necessary boxes and became our design canvas. Before putting pencil to paper however, we led a public design charrette with local residents to determine the style of skatepark that would best complement Lehi’s unique community.

The charrette revealed a diverse community – a mix of young and old, skateboarders and bike riders, street riders and bowl riders – and paved the way for a 12,000 square foot skatepark design that balances all skill levels and riding styles.

The roadtrip-worthy facility features two bowls. The first is 8-10.5’ deep with round corners in the shallow end and 1’ of vert in the deep end. The deep end also boasts a section of parallel walls designed to emulate a vert ramp. The second bowl is kidney-shaped, 4-6’ deep and geared toward beginner-intermediate riders.




spohnranchlehiskatepark9A collection of modern street elements encompass the landscape south of the two bowls. Connected via transition and flowing lines, they include stairs, handrails and manual pads.

Our Spohn Ranch build team broke ground in September and is executing a turnkey scope – including excavation, drainage, steel fabrication, concrete/shotcrete and landscaping. They are currently charging ahead with a target completion of Thanksgiving.


Stay tuned for more updates via this link, as this skatepark comes to life in front of Utah’s beautiful mountain backdrop.

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