Uvalde Texas Skatepark Construction in full swing

The skatepark build is underway at Uvalde Municipal Park in Uvalde, Texas! Located just north of the Mexico border, the City’s first public skatepark is the result of forward-looking municipal leaders who recognized the value of providing local youth with a designated place to ride their skateboards.

Per usual, the skatepark design process consisted of several charrettes where we met with local residents and gauged their preference for elements and styles of terrain. The final design has an architectural character, shaped by the unique conditions of the site. An elevated deck flows into opposing “wings” consisting of modern street elements. A phase-2 bowl fills out the space and provides additional transition-style terrain.

The Spohn Ranch build crew arrived on site in late January and is already charging towards the finish line. Prior to concrete placement, we executed a rigorous site preparation process to address the site’s expansive soils – very common in Texas. The process included installation of a state-of-the-art geogrid material, designed in collaboration with a local geotechnical engineer.

In the coming weeks we’ll reveal details for the grand opening event co-sponsored by our sister company, Rhythm Skate Shop. Stay tuned!

Uvalde Skatepark Progress

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