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Walker Mill Regional Park coming soon!

Walker Mill Regional Park in District Heights, Maryland will soon add 12,000 square feet of sculpted concrete to it’s impressive collection of state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.


Space within the park was limited, so an extremely challenging downhill site became our canvas. We took the challenge and emerged with a solution that not only addresses the site’s unique topography, drainage and visibility issues, but also provides the area’s skaters with modern, well-balanced terrain.


The final design features an open-ended flow bowl with a unique blend of street and transition-style terrain composing the perimeter of the park.  Colored concrete and shade-covered spectator seating are nice modern touches.


The Spohn Ranch build crew has already mobilized eastward and steel fabrication is nearly finished, so progress updates will start flowing soon!

Spohn-Ranch-Skatepark-Walker-Mill-District-Heights-Maryland-3 Spohn-Ranch-Skatepark-Walker-Mill-District-Heights-Maryland-2

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