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Waterfall piece for skatepark bowl with elevation changes

This is part of a waterfall to be installed in a SpohnCrete bowl. This piece is massive, about 8 feet tall x 10 feet deep x 12 feet long. We’re finally pushing pre-cast to the point where it can replicate any poured-in-place feature, including waterfalls, over-vert and complex spines. This puts SpohnCrete lightyears ahead of other pre-cast concrete builders. Many people still think of pre-cast concrete as a simple system of traffic barriers and banks which are designed and built by non-skaters. This pieces shows what is possible when lifelong skaters spend 20 years researching and developing the cutting edge of skatepark construction. While this is a milestone in concrete skateparks, it still represents the tip of the iceberg of pre-cast concrete’s potential. As more pieces are added to the SpohnCrete library (2-4 per park), the cost of parks comes down. We put this piece out as a challenge to anyone who would compare SpohnCrete to previous generations of pre-cast concrete. SpohnCrete is a new way to build custom concrete skateparks, not a way to fool cities into thinking they’re getting a “concrete park”. No approach plates, no seams, no threshold between slab and transition. And while we’re pushing the system bigger and bigger (as evidenced by the above photo), we’re also paying attention to the small parks and elements, including our innovations in Skateable Art. For more info, please visit Spohn Ranch Skatepark’s website.

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