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Grand Opening of P-Rod Skate Plaza co-designed & built by Spohn Ranch Skateparks

Co-Designed by Paul “P-Rod” Rodriguez, Jr. and Spohn Ranch Skateparks. This is from Day 2 of construction. The pieces are lifted from a truck to the site.

Typically, the pieces are placed on concrete footers. When the pieces are completely fitted, concrete flatwork is poured around the pieces, seamlessly joining the slab to the SpohnCrete elements such as quarter-pipes, banks, fun-boxes and every other feature found in a poured-in-place concrete or fabricated skatepark. At Wilmington, the city already had a slab, previously home to a fabricated ramp park.

Due to SpohnCrete’s ease of install, minor customization of the slab results in a totally smooth concrete skatepark with seamless transitions from the slab to transitions and banks.

The video below shows a ledge piece craned from the truck to the site. It demonstrates the speed with which SpohnCrete can create a custom-designed (in this case, co-designed with P-Rod, one of the top street skaters in the world, and several of his fellow pro skaters.

The Grand Opening is September 27th and will be amazing. P-Rod and 2007 Skater of the Year Daewon Song will skate demos with participation by various awesome brands and people from politics, business, sports, etc… For more information about the Grand Opening, go to

Here’s quick video of the installation:

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