Wyoming, Minnesota Final Skatepark Design

We’re proud to announce that our latest Minnesota project is breaking ground next month in the City of Wyoming! It’s one of three Spohn Ranch concrete skateparks coming to the Minneapolis area this summer.
The project would not have been possible without the tireless dedication of local parents, Russ and Lois Janke. With active skateboarders in their household, they knew a safe, designated space for the City’s youth would be a worthwhile fight. Over the past two years they worked in conjunction with the City to organize the community, select a site and raise funds. Probably their most commendable act though, was participating in a polar bear plunge into the frigid waters of Forest Lake last winter to raise funds and increase awareness for their project.
The park’s design was largely dictated by the small budget, so our goal was to provide a variety of terrain in a condensed space – while maintaining a clear and safe flow. We also included a tribute to Wyoming’s rich history, with a sculptural stage coach wheel embedded into the heart of the skateable terrain. Stay tuned for construction updates!

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