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Charlotte, NC Skate Spot Opens at Renaissance Park

Charlotte, North Carolina’s latest concrete skate spot is officially open at Renaissance Park. The local skateboarding community, including our friends Drew Adams who shot photos of Malik Jordan, Georgia Martin and Joey Wygand, wasted no time enjoying the smooth concrete and spreading the word.

Frontside smith on the hubba at Mecklenburg Skatepark

Malik Jordan backside crailtail at Mecklenburg Skatepark in North Carolina

Georgia Martin frontside air at North Carolina Mecklenburg Skatepark built and designed by Spohn Ranch

Shredding a frontside 5.0 on the curb on the top of the deck at Mecklenburg Skatepark in North CarolinaRenowned for our skatepark construction expertise, Spohn Ranch was sought out by Mecklenburg County to both design and construct the small skatepark within an under-utilized section of Renaissance Park’s asphalt parking area. The existing asphalt slab was used as a foundation for new concrete terrain that artfully blends street and transition elements – a specific request from Charlotte skateboarders.

The skate spot is located at:
Renaissance Park
1536 W Tyvola Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217

Backside tail on the hubba at the skatepark in North Carolina in Mecklenburg County

frontside 5050 on the bazooka skatepark rail at Spohn Ranch Skateparks build Mecklenburg Skatepark

A Mecklenburg North Carolina Suski Grind on the bump to flat yellow ledge

Flip Professional Matt Berger Switch Ollie over a bollard at La Puente Skatepark designed and built by Spohn Ranch

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