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Enid, Oklahoma Skatepark To Receive Concrete Facelift

Enid, Oklahoma’s skatepark will soon be landing this small Oklahoma community on the skateboarding map with a modern skatepark design from Spohn Ranch.

Facilities adjacent to the existing skatepark are scheduled to expand, which tasked City of Enid officials with finding a new home for the community’s skateboarders and wheel sports athletes. Rather than just relocate the modest collection of metal ramps, the City figured while they were at it, they might as well upgrade the skatepark to concrete.

Due to COVID-19 our design process was limited to virtual meetings with local skateboarders, but the community’s priorities were heard loud and clear nonetheless.

– Balance of street and transition
– Open-ended bowl
– Street staples like flat bar and grind ledge
– Mellow and beginner-friendly

Woven into a thoughtful flow, Enid’s skatepark will also feature a long spine, a curved slappy curb, and a circular manual pad.

Spohn Ranch’s craftsmen will arrive at the intersection of 5th Street and Randolph Avenue shortly to begin construction and are scheduled to complete the work just prior to Thanksgiving. Stay tuned as Enid’s new concrete skatepark comes to life!

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Spine Transition at Enid Skatepark in Oklahoma

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Enid Oklahoma Skatepark Circle Manual Pad A Frame Spine and Ledges

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