Shoreview, Minnesota Skatepark Dubbed One of the Best in the State

Shoreview, Minnesota’s skatepark, once a modest collection of wood ramps tucked away in a corner, is now a state-of-the-art facility proudly displayed at the entrance to Shoreview Commons Park. This thoughtful change in location and a modern skatepark design has led skateboarders from across Minnesota to flock to this small Twin Cities suburb for a piece of the action. When word of a new “Spohn Ranch skatepark” spreads, people will travel because they know they won’t be disappointed.

crooked grind Shoreview skatepark designed and built by Spohn Ranch

Frontfeeble around the bowl corner at Shoreview Skatepark

Bump to long nosegrind Spohn Ranch designed and built skatepark in Shoreview

Blasting huge backside air at Shoreview Skatepark by Spohn Ranch

Buttery switch 5.0 at Shoreview Skatepark

Shoreview’s City Manager, Terry Schwerm, can attest to that. Via email, Schwerm remarked “It has been extremely popular with the metro area skatepark crowd and people are driving from all over the metro area to use it. It is getting rave reviews as many people have said that it is the best skatepark in the metro area and some have said in the State. A real tribute to the great design.”

While the end result is a clear success, the process to get there was just as smooth. Acting as both skatepark designer and builder, Spohn Ranch completed the project ahead of schedule and with zero change orders.

When the revamped Shoreview Commons Park officially opened, our friend Alex Sveda captured some great shots of local skateboarders enjoying the skatepark’s modern features and flow.

Our project for the City of Elk River, Minnesota is scheduled for the spring of ’21 and hopefully a few more Minnesota projects as well. Stay tuned!

Frontside Feeble on the outrail Spohn Ranch skatepark in Shoreview

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