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Best in Orange County – Tustin Skatepark Opens to the Public

Tustin’s new skatepark at Tustin Legacy Park has quickly been crowned Orange County, California’s best skatepark.

Although completed by Spohn Ranch’s concrete craftsmen in late 2019, due to COVID-19, the skatepark was unofficially opened to the public just a few months ago. Since then professional skateboarders from across Southern California have been flocking to Tustin for a taste of the expertly-designed concrete landscape. Among those professionals was our good friend and Red Bull-sponsored Ryan Decenzo, who enjoyed every inch of the skatepark.

Backside Smith in the bowl of Tustin CA Skatepark

Frontside Smith Stall Ryan Decenzo Tustin Skatepark Designed and Built by Spohn Ranch

Frontside Air of Ryan Decenzo at the Tustin Skatepark Spohn Ranch

Ryan Decenzo at Tustin Skatepark Designed and Built by Spohn Ranch

Ryan Decenzo backside tailslide Tustin Skatepark

The modern skatepark design spans 12,000 square feet and features Spohn Ranch’s signature blend of street and transition style terrain, including a unique bowl, an abundance of grind rails, and a skateable eagle sculpture tying the skatepark into the larger park’s patriotic theme.

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