Final Design Revealed for Tustin Skatepark

The Tustin Skatepark is long overdue, but with Spohn Ranch’s skatepark design/build expertise shaping the process, the 12,000 square foot space will be worth the wait. The skatepark is a first for the City of Tustin, but not Spohn Ranch’s first project in Orange County, California.

Logan Wells Skatepark, Anaheim CA

Palm Lane Skatepark, Anaheim CA

After hosting a public design workshop that provided key insights from the skateboard community, we created a modern skatepark design that balances street and transition-style terrain. A 4’ – 6’ bowl anchors the center of the space and is elevated from the street section to create a bit of traffic control. Surrounding the bowl is a rail paradise with a variety of grind rails including a flat rail, handrail, bump-to-rail and A-frame rail. The skatepark design also features a skateable eagle sculpture that ties into the larger park’s patriotic theme.

Ensuring a seamless process, Spohn Ranch will act as prime skatepark contractor – executing drainage, earthwork, steel and concrete/shotcrete. The crew is scheduled to begin the approximately 3-month build in August. Since the skatepark is just one component of the larger Tustin Legacy Park, also featuring soccer, tennis and basketball, we can’t guarantee an opening date, but we’re hoping for late 2019.

We’ve broke ground! The skatepark is being built as we speak!

Tustin Skatepark Bowl
Tustin Skatepark Bowl
Tustin Skatepark Bowl

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