Final Design Revealed for City of La Quinta’s X Park

When it opens in 2020, La Quinta’s X Park will arguably become the best municipal skatepark in the State of California. The 40,000 square foot facility will occupy the currently undeveloped corner of Dune Palms Road and Westward Ho Drive and welcome all wheels, including skateboards, bikes, scooters, skates and wheelchairs.

After building the City a small skatepark at Fritz Burns Park in 2018, we hosted a series of design workshops with La Quinta’s action sports community to discuss their terrain preferences for the much larger X Park. Combining that input with the unique topography of the X Park site (the grade drops 11’ from the southwest corner to northeast corner) we arrived at a final design that sets a new bar for municipal skateparks, not only in California, but across the globe.

The X Park will feature a concrete pump track (similar to one we recently completed in San Diego), a modern street course with a variety of stairs, rails and ledges and three distinct bowls that cover the full spectrum of skill levels.

Of particular note is our unique twist on the classic “combination bowl” shape. Designed in collaboration with professional skateboarder Eddie Elguera, the “Desert Combi” maintains the essence of what makes the combi such a fun shape but tweaks the dimensions a bit to open up new lines and opportunities.

For those a little intimidated by 10’ deep terrain, the X Park also features a beginner-friendly kidney bowl and a flow bowl with a mini-ramp section.

Ensuring the X Park becomes a destination for decades to come, the skatepark terrain will be supported by a variety of modern amenities including a state-of-the-art lighting system, restrooms, a drinking fountain, a parking lot and a 2-story pro shop with a shaded observation deck tailor made for community events.

Utilizing an eco-friendly approach, we are also capturing and treating all of the site’s stormwater via a pair of retention basins that the pump track wraps around at the eastern edge of the site. Don’t be fooled by the renderings though! Water levels will rarely be visible, let alone high enough to create a riding hazard.

We are currently wrapping up construction documents and beginning the permitting process, with construction scheduled to begin later this year and a grand opening in 2020. Stay tuned to our social media channels for updates!

Update Jan 2021 – We have broken ground! Follow us on IG for updates.

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