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Furnace Skateshop gives new skatepark seal of approval


One of the best perks of working for a skatepark builder is “research and development”. In other words, when skatepark construction is complete, we recruit a group of talented local skateboarders to join us for a “quality control” session. This not only opens the door for valuable feedback, but also provides an opportunity to put the skatepark through its paces and make sure it can withstand the daily abuse it’s guaranteed to endure over the course of several decades.

On April 15, 2016, we invited the Furnace Skateboarding team to the new Spohn Ranch designed and built skatepark in Stanton, California for a taste of the 9,000 square feet of stairs, ledges and quarter-pipes.


The result? The skatepark was an absolute hit! The skateboarders fell in love with their new local facility and consistently provided positive feedback. We also noticed that no section of the skatepark was untouched – a perfect score with all-around flow and skate ability.

Thank you to our friends at Furnace Skateshop



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