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New Neighborhood Skate Spot in Rancho Cucamonga

170,000 residents. 1 outdated skatepark. The numbers spoke for themselves and the City of Rancho Cucamonga listened – including a new skatepark in their 2011 Proposition 84 grant application.

When the grant for their 3.4 acre park (eventually named Los Amigos Park) was awarded, it was time to get to work. The landscape architects at RJM Design Group planned the overall space and outlined a small area that would become our design canvas.


Circular footprints possess inherent aesthetic advantages, but can also present design challenges – especially when space is limited. Combined with the fact that the City’s existing skatepark at Spruce Avenue Park suffered from congestion and awkward spacing, we knew “less is more” was the right approach.

The skatepark design is straightforward – a volcano anchors the center of the space with various ledges, manual pads and rails surrounding it. A large tree planter to the south will provide seating and shade.


Just as the City knew they needed a specialist during the design phase, they saw the benefits of a builder focused exclusively on skateparks and selected Spohn Ranch as the specialty sub-contractor for the construction portion of the project. Construction of the overall park is scheduled to begin shortly, with the skatepark portion starting towards the end of summer. Stay tuned for updates.

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