The Wasatch Academy, a private boarding school a few hours south of Salt Lake City, is now home to a signature Spohn Ranch skatepark. Located in the small community of Mt. Pleasant, the Academy is internationally known, with an annual enrollment of 300+ young adults from over 40 countries.


While the Wasatch Academy was in the process of updating amenities and infrastructure across campus, a group of students raised the idea of adding a concrete skatepark. Academy leaders recognized the value and not long after, the skatepark project was born.




Having recently completed the highly acclaimed skatepark in Lehi, and with previous projects in Provo and South Jordan, Spohn Ranch was the Academy’s clear choice for skatepark designer and builder.

The skatepark’s main attraction is a beautiful three lobed clover bowl. With depths of 3.5’ – 5’, it’s the perfect bowl for the school’s beginner riders. Modern street elements such as stairs, rails and manual pads round out the rest of the space, providing well-balanced terrain for all riding styles. We also broke up the monotony of concrete with integrated landscape areas, which add a nice aesthetic and will be completed in the spring of ’18.

As soon as construction wrapped, our team of skatepark builders hit the road for North Ogden, Utah, where they are building a new concrete skatepark. Stay tuned for updates on that, as well as other future Utah skatepark projects!

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