Skatepark Building in Lake Elsinore, California

Lake Elsinore, California has been dubbed the “Action Sports Capital of the World”. The City’s action sports culture has deep roots, fueled by an unrivaled collection of facilities for motocross, wakeboarding, skydiving and every other non-traditional sport one could think of.

The City was ahead of the curve when they opened a skatepark at McVicker Park in the early 2000’s, but realized their claim to the action sports throne could not go unquestioned without additional facilities specific to skateboarding.

Fast forward to late 2014 when the City interviewed the country’s top skatepark designers and builders for a new project at Serenity Park. Spohn Ranch emerged victorious and we began designing a contemporary skatepark that maximized the site’s narrow and linear characteristics. An early step in the process was an on-site design workshop where we mapped out the available area and brainstormed elements and flow with local skateboarders.

Prior to construction-ready blueprints, the technical design phase involved devising creative solutions for stormwater management, liquefaction risks and adjacent traffic.

The west end of the final skatepark design is anchored by a fun bowl complete with 4’ mini-ramp section, rounded hips and a 6’ circular deep end for carving. Flowing eastward, the skatepark features street-inspired terrain addressing the full spectrum of skill levels.

Construction is currently charging ahead and expected to wrap just in time for an epic Lake Elsinore summer season.

Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-2 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-3 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-5 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-6 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-7 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-8 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA-9 Spohn-Ranch-Concrete-Skatepark-Construction-Lake-Elsinoire-CA

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