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Monitor Park Skatepark in Watts Breaks Ground

We’re proud to announce that our latest Los Angeles skatepark build is underway in the Watts neighborhood – one component of a larger park project dubbed Monitor Avenue Park. The project is transforming what once was an empty lot filled with weeds and trash into a state-of-the-art community gathering space.

A collaboration several years in the making, we worked with partners EPT Design and the Trust for Public Land to provide the youth of this underserved community with a safe place where they could distract themselves from the challenges of daily life with a positive outdoor activity.

The skatepark occupies 6,000 square feet and offers well-balanced terrain for both street and transition-style skateboarders. Seating and overlook areas outside the footprint of the skatepark allow the non-skating community to view and appreciate the artistry of skateboarding, without disrupting the action.  And finally, colored concrete in the flatwork adds a modern aesthetic touch.

Work on site is officially underway as the soil is over-excavated and shaped to the contours of our design.


Spohn Ranch President Aaron Spohn stands proud with community activist Cartoon, one of the driving forces behind the park project.


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