Skatepark for the Board of Child Care in Baltimore, MD

In late 2013, Spohn Ranch was approached by the Board of Child Care, a nonprofit, child welfare agency seeking the counsel of a skatepark designer and builder.

Established in 1874, the Board of Child Care is a national human services organization that provides residential group care for children referred by state agencies. They offer an array of community-based programs to support children and strengthen families through foster care, therapeutic counseling and special education.

The BCC recognized that skateboarding was the perfect vehicle for building confidence and independence in children facing adverse life circumstances and committed to investing in concrete skateparks at their various campuses across the country.

On June 24th, Spohn Ranch and the BCC celebrated the grand opening of the organization’s first skatepark at the Baltimore campus, 15-minutes northwest of downtown Baltimore.

During the festivities, BCC President Thomas Curcio said, “The skatepark is a terrific addition to our campus.  We are always looking to reach our youth in a way that is deep and meaningful.  This provides an outlet for creativity and physical activity as well as an opportunity for many to experience skateboarding for the first time.  I know the enjoyment will last for years to come.”

Stay tuned for skatepark design and skatepark construction updates for future Board of Child Care projects already in the works.

And a big shout out to DJI, the leader in drone photography, whose state-of-the-art technology allowed us to capture these great images!


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