The North Adams Skatepark with an address of 310 State Street North Adams, MA 01247 is officially open and drawing skateboarders from throughout northwest Massachusetts.

This destination skate plaza wasn’t built overnight. The City of North Adams began the process back in 2000, but things really picked up steam when Spohn Ranch was officially hired as skatepark designer in 2015.

As of an early-July grand opening, the once undeveloped area nestled between Noel Field and the Hot Dog Ranch on State Street now features a state-of-the-art skatepark. Totaling 11,000 square feet, the L-shaped skatepark provides endless flow, but can also handle large crowds with 3-4 sections that can function independently. It’s also perfect for the full spectrum of skill levels – from novice skateboarders to advanced riders with decades of experience.

The skatepark has transitions in every direction, an intricate A-frame combination with a pole-jam and manual pad multitude of stairs and handrails. A wallie ledge stamped with the letters “N ADAMS” adds a modern touch for street skateboarders.




Spohn Ranch also designed and built tributes to a few iconic North Adams landmarks. The first homage is a skateable version of the Mount Greylock War Memorial Tower.

The second is the incorporation of a Hoosac Tunnel replica into an extra-wide quarter-pipe on the skatepark’s east end. The Hoosac Tunnel is the longest and still active railway tunnel in the United States, spanning almost 5 miles.




Shortly after the grand opening, our friend and Boston-based photographer Rob Collins took a group of skateboarders to test out the new skatepark. Rob’s crew emerged with unanimous consensus – “amazing park and a must-stop on future road trips”.

On deck for Spohn Ranch are three additional Massachusetts skateparks, spanning from Martha’s Vineyard to Gardner. No matter where you’re at in Massachusetts, drive in any direction and we’ll likely have a new skatepark for you to enjoy by year’s end.

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