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Pasadena’s New and Improved La Pintoresca Skatepark Set to Open

The City of Pasadena, California approached Spohn Ranch in 2020 seeking advice on some minor improvements to their existing collection of steel/Skatelite ramps at La Pintoresca Park. Upon evaluating the ramps, Spohn Ranch recommended the City replace the ramps and upgrade to concrete terrain. From there, Spohn Ranch engaged with local users of the existing skatepark via social media and solicited their input regarding features and layout. That design input directly shaped our skatepark design process and resulted in a modern refresh of the space.

La Pintoresca Skatepark Designed by Spohn Ranch

Frontside Nosegrind at Spohn Ranch Designed La Pintoresca Skatepark by Chris Colburn

La Pintoresca Skatepark has a switch heel by Cookie Colburn

Pupecki Grind by Chris Colburn, Designed by Spohn Ranch at La Pintoresca Skatepark

A 6,000 square foot rectangular design canvas established a fairly traditional flow, but we were able to inject some creativity into the design with unique elements such as a sphere bollard, a slappy curb and a steel wall-ride. Knowing the skatepark would get very crowded during peak hours, we also implemented a “less is more” approach, with an emphasis on more open space and less features compared to the typical facility.

Pasadena’s skatepark improvements are just one component of a larger project at La Pintoresca Park, so although the skatepark is complete, the official opening is yet to be determined. Stay tuned for updates! And in the meantime, check out this sneak peek with our friend and professional skateboarder Chris Colbourn:

Wallie at Spohn Ranch designed La Pintoresca Skatepark by Worble own Cookie Colburn

No Comply with Cookie Colburn at Spohn Ranch Designed La Pintoresca Skatepark

La Pintoresca Skatepark designed by Spohn Ranch with Cookie Colburn Kickflip over the bollard

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