Ribbon Cut for New Waterloo, Iowa Skatepark

On October 1st the City of Waterloo and its skateboarding community celebrated the official opening of the new Riverside Skatepark designed and built by Spohn Ranch.

Located between Joe Straub Memorial Field and the Cedar River, Waterloo’s new 8,000 square foot concrete skatepark replaced flood-battered wood ramps and is already drawing skateboarders and other wheel sports athletes from across Iowa. The daily crowds are raving about the smooth concrete, thoughtful flow and variety of modern skatepark elements.

Bluntslide on the A Frame rail located at Waterloo Skatepark Iowa

A pop shove it in Iowa own Waterloo Skatepark built and designed by Spohn Ranch

Frontside Air in a large half bowl at Waterloo Skatepark

Crooked Grind at Waterloo Skatepark Iowa on the ledge dropping into a bank

If the praise from Leisure Services Director Paul Huting in his letter of recommendation are any indication, the City of Waterloo is extremely happy with the finished product as well:

“The construction phase was amazing to see, with the Spohn Ranch crew exhibiting great craftsmanship and working long hours to create a state-of-the-art home for future generations of Iowa skateboarders and wheel sports athletes. We couldn’t be more proud of this great facility and we thoroughly enjoyed working with the Spohn Ranch team to make this dream a reality. We would recommend Spohn Ranch to other communities looking to design and build a durable, cutting edge skate park.”

Escaping danger at Waterloo Skatepark Iowa

Smooth backside 5050 grind on the A frame Hubba at Waterloo Skatepark

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Marion Iowa Backside Tailslide

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