New Carrollwood Village Skatepark and Pump Track Now Open

Things are heating up in Florida! After completing the Walton County Skatepark and Fishhawk Ranch Skatepark earlier this year, we are continuing the positive momentum with the opening of the Carrollwood Skatepark in Tampa, Florida.

Due to Hillsborough County permitting constraints, we were required to base the design on the Fishhawk Ranch Skatepark, but thankfully a few tweaks were possible, allowing us to create a unique feel. The Carrollwood Skatepark blends a modern concrete pump track with a more traditional skatepark layout consisting of stairs, ledges and a mini half-pipe section. While split up into two distinct sections, the pump track and skatepark remain connected, creating good flow and fun lines.

Frontside 5.0 at Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL

Feeble on bump to flatbar at Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL Spohn Ranch

Pump track by Spohn Ranch Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL

In addition to leading the skatepark design scope, Spohn Ranch also acted as skatepark builder – using our specialized arsenal of skill sets to bring the skatepark’s steel and concrete shapes to life.

The Carrollwood Skatepark has flown a bit under the radar due to COVID-19, but our friends Cesar Fernandez and Chaz Miley caught wind of the new skatepark and had a blast sessioning the smooth concrete.

But we’re not done yet! Spohn Ranch’s craftsmen are currently on the ground in Polk County, Florida and as soon as they’re done there, they will be heading south to build a new skatepark for the City of North Miami Beach. Stay tuned for updates!

Switch Backside Tail at Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL Spohn Ranch

Frontside Flip on the quarterpipe at Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL

Backside Disaster by Cesar Fernandez in Carrollwood Skatepark, Tampa FL by Spohn Ranch

The street plaza at Carrollwood Skatepark in Tampa FL with Cesar Fernandez

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