Come one, come all. A brand new 7,000 square foot skatepark in Riverdale, Georgia is ready to enjoy. Only 30 minutes south of Atlanta, the Riverdale Skatepark is quickly becoming a skate mecca for the south.

The skatepark officially opened on May 16th, but it has already had waves of skateboarders from across the Atlanta-area flooding the new concrete paradise.

Riverdale City Manager E. Scott Wood joked that skaters must have an underground way of passing along information about the new park. From years of experience, we know that rumors of well-built skateparks travel extremely fast.

“We haven’t even opened it yet and it’s been well-used already,” he said.

Riverdale Skatepark is complete with Spohn Ranch’s signature blend of street and transition obstacles including a 4′ – 6’ bowl, spine with platform, A-frame, wallie hubbas and various rails mounted in every direction. Our design/build scope also included a shaded seating area, a water fountain and an irrigation system.

Riverdale Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon said the park has been a dream of hers since she became Mayor in 2008.

“I am grateful to God for the park,” she said. “There’s not many times you can say your dream came true.”

The skatepark is part of the larger Riverdale Regional Park, which boasts a football and softball field, play area, walking trail, concession stand and restrooms.

Wynn-Dixon said the park helps fill a void and gives kids something to do.

“The park is for the people,” she said. “It’s clean, decent fun.”

Early one morning we sent Atlanta-based photographer David Morico and friends to the Riverdale Skatepark. The guys wasted no time in zipping around the park and skating everything in sight.

You might ask, where is the Riverdale Skatepark? The Riverdale Skatepark Address is 904 Wilson Road in Riverdale behind the First Baptist Church.

Thank again to the City of Riverdale. We look forward to more Georgia skatepark projects in the future!

Want to see how we built the Riverdale Skatepark? Click on the photo below:

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