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Sykesville community praises new Shrimptown Skatepark

With no authorized location for the skateboarders of Sykesville, MD, they took it upon themselves and built a DIY skatepark with makeshift skate obstacles built from plywood, cinderblocks and tons of hand mixed concrete. Quickly this park (coined Shrimptown), started to become a common location for the local skateboarders and drew attention from city officials.

SykesvilleSkateparkSpohnRanch4Wanting to provide a safe haven for their youth’s passions, Howard County took action and hired Spohn Ranch to design and build an incredible 13,000 square foot skatepark to replace Shrimptown.

But before any concrete was poured, the Spohn Ranch team flew out to Sykesville to get the design input from the local skateboarders and community. The result was a skatepark designed by the community for the community, complete with a speciality resident request of a volcano manny pad and not to mention plenty of drain lines for any pooling rainwater which might accumulate. Thank you to the skateboarders of Shrimptown and Howard County.



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