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Tillamook Skatepark charges ahead along Oregon Coast

The City of Tillamook, Oregon, known more for dairy farms and delicious cheese than skateboarding and BMX bikes, will soon be home to a 6,000 square foot concrete skatepark at Goodspeed Park. After being selected as the City’s skatepark designer and builder via a nationwide competition, we engaged in a collaborative skatepark design process with local skateboarders and BMX bike riders.

The skatepark design process ultimately produced Spohn Ranch’s signature blend of street and transition – featuring a 4-6’ bowl with a 7’ pocket and a variety of street-inspired elements.


Next up was the fundraising process, where we coordinated with local material suppliers and supported the City with materials for grant applications. When the funding came together in early spring, we packed up our tools and equipment and hit the road for the Oregon Coast. Skatepark construction is now charging ahead and we know our crew is shaping the skatepark’s curves with same passion and attention-to-detail as Tillamook’s famed cheese producers.


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