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Milford, Michigan Skatepark Reaches Fundraising Goal

After years of tenacious fundraising by local non-profit, Project S-Park, we are gearing up to begin building the Village of Milford, Michigan’s new skatepark.

Milford’s skateboarders were tired of the grey blobs of concrete typical across the Detroit suburbs and sought out Spohn Ranch for our modern skatepark design approach. We understood their vision and despite some challenging site topography, we were able to create an architectural landscape that looks more like an urban plaza than a conventional skatepark.

Milford MI Skatepark Lots of Ledges and surround transition

Milford Michigan Skatepark Hubbas & Street Course

Milford MI Skatepark Vert Wall Skateable tree planter and flat bars

Milford MI Skatepark Skatepark with lots of parking

Milford Michigan Skatepark with Street Plaza and Huge Vert wall

The skatepark design cascades from east to west with a focus on street terrain such as ledges and rails, but has just enough transition to maintain good flow and keep older riders satisfied.

In an effort to stretch the budget, local contractors arranged by Project S-Park will kick-off the project with donated non-specialty construction such as demolition and rough grading. Once the initial site preparation is complete, Spohn Ranch’s specialty craftsmen will take the project to the finish line.

Stay tuned for updates as this skatepark build progresses!

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