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Phase 1 of Milford Skatepark Opens In The Nick Of Time

After receiving word that the Village of Milford had reached their Phase 1 fundraising goal, our specialty craftsmen mobilized to the site, adjacent to Village offices, and began racing the clock to complete skatepark construction before the snow and cold temperatures crept in.

Thanks to decades of experience, our veteran crew was able to execute construction ahead of schedule and in late October, the Village unofficially opened the skatepark, knowing that keeping skateboarders off would be an impossible task.

Frontside Feeble skatepark embedded in a forest designed and built by Spohn Ranch Skatepark Company

Treelined skatepark in Milford MI, build and designed by Spohn Ranch

Phase 1 clocks in at approximately 6,000 square feet and features a mix of street and transition-style terrain woven into the site’s sloping topography. It sets the stage for Phase 2 which is currently in fundraising mode, but will ultimately add another 4,000 square feet of modern concrete terrain to the site.

Local skateboarders, including Evan Hutchings who recently visited the skatepark and captured these great shots, didn’t waste any time enjoying the new space, knowing winter is just around the corner.

Stay tuned for updates on Phase 2! Fingers crossed for next spring!


Air over the volcano at Milford Michigan Skatepark

Frontside Tailslide on the hubba at a Spohn Ranch Skatepark located in Milford Michigan

Skatepark filled with Rails, Hubbas, Ledges, Transition, Volcano and tons of shade

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