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New La Puente Skatepark Prepares to Open to the Public

Although construction of La Puente’s new skatepark is complete, due to COVID-19, the official grand opening has been delayed until early January.

In the meantime, we’ve snuck in a few final quality control sessions with professional skateboarders including Matt Berger and Vincent Luevanos to make sure everything is perfect.

Powell Team Rider Vincent Luevanos Nosepick at the top of the La Puente Skatepark Vert Wall

Flip Professional Matt Berger Switch Ollie over a bollard at La Puente Skatepark designed and built by Spohn Ranch

Front blunt on the hubba at the Ian Calderon Skatepark in La Puente, CA

Hurricane on the handrail at La Puente Street Plaza by Matt Berger

The 10,000 square foot space is located at La Puente City Park, just 20 miles from downtown LA, and is officially named the Ian Calderon Skatepark in honor of California State Assembly Majority Leader Ian Calderon who secured the project’s funding several years ago.

Spohn Ranch’s unique design features an architectural aesthetic paying homage to the urban plazas skateboarders crave, along with several skateable sculptures that create artistic visuals.

Craig Edwards Frontside Grind over the La Puente Skatepark Beast Designed and Built by Spohn Ranch

5.0 up the Doorstopper at Ian Calderon Skatepark at La Puente City Park, CAThe skatepark is supported by all of the necessary amenities to make it a state-of-the-art facility such as a drinking fountain, shaded spectator area, and sports lighting. Not one to shy away from a challenge, we also took on the basketball courts as part of our construction scope.

Matt Berger backside flips over a ball at La Puente Skatepark, Designed and Built by Spohn Ranch

Stay tuned for updates on the official opening, as well as a Phase 2 concrete bowl currently in the fundraising stage.

The street section with Maurio McCoy at Gibson Mariposa Skatepark in El Monte, CA

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Backside Smith through the Perris Keyhole

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