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Spohn Ranch Unveils Medina, New York’s New Skatepark Design

We’re excited to announce that next spring Spohn Ranch will break ground on the Village of Medina, New York’s new concrete skatepark honoring the life and spirit of fallen local skateboarder Luke Nelson. The 11,000 square foot skatepark will replace a modest collection of steel ramps that have served the community well for the past 20 years, but have reached the end of their safe lifespan.

Skatepark Bowl and Street park for Medina Skatepark in NY

Medina Skatepark in New York by Spohn Ranch with Bowl and Street park

Medina Skatepark in New York by Spohn Ranch

After Luke tragically passed in 2017, his family and other community members formed the Medina Skate Society to build a state-of-the-art skatepark in his memory. Their hard work paid off when they earned a grant from the Tony Hawk Foundation. Shortly after award of funds, they sought out Spohn Ranch, known for high-quality skateparks across New York, to begin the skatepark design process.

The skatepark will be an architectural work of art and become one of this small Village’s main attractions. Transforming the square footprint of the original skatepark at Butts Park, the skatepark design features a 4’ mini half-pipe section, a 5’-7’ bowl and a variety of street elements including stairs, grind rails and grind ledges. Splashes of integral color and a large vertical sculpture elevate the skatepark’s aesthetic to contemporary levels rare in this part of New York.

Spohn Ranch’s craftsmen will land in Medina as soon as the ground thaws and hope to complete skatepark construction by mid-late summer of ’21. Stay tuned for updates!

Spohn Ranch Skateparks design for Medina Skatepark in New York

Spohn Ranch design for Medina Skatepark in NY

Bowl and Skate Plaza Design for Medina Skatepark in NY

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