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Rockaway Beach Skatepark Build Perseveres Despite Pandemic

The highly-anticipated Rockaway Beach Skatepark is finally coming to fruition via the specialized expertise of Spohn Ranch’s concrete craftsmen. We’ve been forced to take some extra precautions due to COVID-19, but are thankful to be working and excited for the NYC skateboarding community to enjoy this skatepark once normalcy returns.

Rockaway Snake Run Design Build Spohn Ranch

Rockaway Skatepark Queens Pump Track

Clocking in at 16,000 square feet of concrete, the Rockaway Beach Skatepark features a good blend of street and transition, including a winding snake run section and a variety of ledges, hubbas, curbs and grind rails arranged in a long, linear fashion.

The Rockaway Beach Skatepark is one of several Spohn Ranch collaborations with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation scheduled to wrap up this year:

  • Rockaway Beach Skatepark – Queens
  • Van Cortlandt Park Skatepark – Bronx
  • Rudd Park Skatepark – Brooklyn
  • Betsy Head Park Skatepark – Brooklyn

New York Rockaway Skatepark Snake Run Construction

Spohn Ranch Skatepark Builder Rebar

Rockaway Skatepark Banks and Rails NYC

While skatepark construction is nearing completion for all of these projects, opening timelines are obviously up in the air due to COVID-19. Stay safe and stay tuned for updates!

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