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Waterloo, Iowa Skatepark Upgrades to Modern Concrete Design

After years of fighting a losing battle against the flooding Cedar River, the wood ramps at Exchange Park have been recycled and the City of Waterloo has teamed up with Spohn Ranch to upgrade to a modern concrete skatepark.

The new Waterloo Skatepark will be moving roughly ½ mile down Park Road to a triangular lot just south of Joe Straub Memorial field. With a glowing track record of skatepark construction across Iowa, Spohn Ranch was sought out by the City and we began work in 2019. The first step of skatepark design began by collaborating with the local wheel sports community, including the CedarLoo Skateboard Association, via a series of design workshops and social media discussions.

Skatepark in Waterloo Iowa Design and Built by Spohn Ranch with integrated sun shade

Waterloo Skatepark in Iowa complete with rails and hubbas

Spohn Ranch designed Waterloo Skateplaza in Iowa

Community input from that process directly shaped the final skatepark design which features steps, grind rails, manual pads, and an above-grade horseshoe bowl that modernizes the previous skatepark’s mini half-pipe.

In addition to skatepark design, Spohn Ranch will be executing a turnkey design-build scope. Handling the project from start to finish, our team of specialized experts are responsible for engineering, permitting, drainage, grading, concrete, shotcrete and steel fabrication.

The skatepark build is scheduled to begin shortly, so stay tuned for updates!

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