Town of Cicero offers a unique skatepark addition

As the 10th largest municipality in Illinois, the Town of Cicero was due for a skatepark. More specifically, this Chicago suburb needed a concrete bowl to contrast from the street-focused skateparks in the area. In August, our skilled team of concrete craftsmen completed construction ahead of schedule and within budget. Three bowls ranging from 3’-6’ form the heart of the … FULL POST »

Spohn Ranch and Anaheim double up on greatness

What do you get when you combine firetrucks, free helmets and a massive crowd of local youth? The Schweitzer Skatepark Grand Opening in Anaheim, CA! With the incredible donation from Disneyland and the brilliance of the City of Anaheim, the second skatepark was grandly opened on 20th of September. The first park in Anaheim also designed and built by Spohn … FULL POST »

When a skatepark gives you oranges, you skate them!

On Thursday, August 11, we had the pleasure of celebrating the grand opening of Palm Lane Skatepark – the first of our two collaborations with the City of Anaheim and Disneyland Resort. We arrived early Thursday morning to the Spohn Ranch build crew performing a meticulous cleaning and final inspection, prior to the park’s public unveiling.  An excited crowd of local youth was … FULL POST »

Out With the Old, In With New – Dublin, Ohio Skatepark

The new Coffman Park Skatepark in Dublin, Ohio is now open! Although Spohn Ranch’s construction scope wrapped in March, the City asked local skateboarders to remain patient while adjacent facilities remained unfinished. As evidenced in Nick Adams’ photos below, the new skatepark’s smooth finish and unique terrain is already generating significant buzz across Ohio. To view more photos, visit the Dublin Skatepark page in our … FULL POST »

Skatepark Built in Honor of Councilman Dan Dever

The City of Othello, Washington honored the late Dan Dever in style by building the skatepark he fought for during his tenure as City Councilman. The 6,000 square foot skatepark adds recreational diversity to the existing baseball, tennis, basketball, swimming and hockey facilities that comprise Lions Park. With flowing lines, the skatepark features Spohn Ranch’s signature fusion of street and … FULL POST »

Bayonne, New Jersey turns bad luck into new skatepark

Have you heard the saying “When one door closes, another door opens”? In the case of Bayonne, NJ when one skatepark closed, another one opened. Bayonne’s indoor skatepark “The Bridge” was a second home for many local youth, so when it sadly closed its doors in 2015 it created a void in the skateboard community. Local skate shop owner Gary … FULL POST »

Cicero Skatepark rises above State of Illinois budget crisis

The State of Illinois’ ongoing budget crisis has significantly hindered the development of new public skateparks across Illinois over the past few years. The Town of Cicero, located just southwest of downtown Chicago, thankfully rose above the State’s shortcomings and funded the construction of a new community park at the intersection of 18th St and S Laramie Ave. Dubbed the … FULL POST »

Disneyland Resort Funds New Skatepark construction

The skatepark footprint is shaped by the site’s physical boundaries and the drip lines of the larger trees. By avoiding hardscape within the drip lines we preserve the integrity of the trees. The trees provide natural shade and maintain an inviting atmosphere. Buffer areas between the skatepark and the site’s existing walkways and infrastructure are a key focus and help … FULL POST »

Sykesville community praises new Shrimptown Skatepark

With no authorized location for the skateboarders of Sykesville, MD, they took it upon themselves and built a DIY skatepark with makeshift skate obstacles built from plywood, cinderblocks and tons of hand mixed concrete. Quickly this park (coined Shrimptown), started to become a common location for the local skateboarders and drew attention from city officials. Wanting to provide a safe … FULL POST »


The City of Tillamook, Oregon, known more for dairy farms and delicious cheese than skateboarding and BMX bikes, will soon be home to a 6,000 square foot concrete skatepark at Goodspeed Park. After being selected as the City’s skatepark designer and builder via a nationwide competition, we engaged in a collaborative skatepark design process with local skateboarders and BMX bike … FULL POST »